A Sweet and Sunny Dundurn Castle Engagement Session

This super sunny Dundurn Castle Engagement Session is one of the sweetest ever, and it’s all thanks to a rain check!

I don’t think I need to tell you about last year’s precipitation situation. It got to the point where almost every engagement I scheduled also had a rain backup date from the get-go because chances were, it was going to get rained out at least once. Such was the case for Jenna & Alex’s session in October of last year. The forecast was calling for rain but as the day went on it seemed we may be able to get away with it – and given Alex’s crazy schedule we tried our hardest to go ahead with it. But alas, it rained like crazy from the moment their session was meant to begin.

It was very soon after that date that winter swept in and Jenna and Alex weren’t able to fit in their delayed engagement session until this June! Well, let me tell you, Mother Nature made up for last year’s upset in spades!! We were gifted with the most gorgeous evening with the perfect, glowy light and that early summer temperature you can just barely feel. Perfection! Plus, Jenna and Alex totally rocked their session. Jenna has some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen, and such a stunning smile!! And  the way Alex looks at her will make you swoon, big time. See for yourself below!


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